Management Team

Management Team

President: Greg Webb

A member since 2009 – Greg credits involvement with MCS as the key to his improving as a singer and never misses a chance to invite people to join us. Greg has held a variety of roles in his time with the choir and resumed the Presidency in 2016. A Baritone who completely endorses our unofficial motto: “Let Us Never Be Boring!”

Secretary Jim Wright

Treasurer: Jeanette Oberg

Jeanette has been an enthusiastic member of the Choral Society since 2004 and was President from 2007 until 2011. As an Alto she derives a great deal of pleasure mocking the Sopranos.

Vice President: Margaret Harvison

Margaret has enjoyed a lifetime of musical experiences. She provides invaluable advice and guidance to Mackay Choral Society and has held Executive positions since 1983.

Vice President: Ken Martin

Ken Martin is a Tenor and was President of Mackay Choral Society from 1983 until 2007 and again in 2015. In his Presidency Ken was the driving force behind building our own premises, which were aptly named in his honour The Ken Martin Choral Centre.

Support Team

Daphne Goodson
Liaison Officer: Ken Passfield
Publicity Officer:  Rosemary Shanks
Uniform Coordinator:  Sarah-Jane Cooke
Facilities Coordinator:

 Gwyneth Rupnik

Maintenance Coordinator:  Clive Goodson
 Midi Coordinator:
 Jennifer Bee
 Fundraising Coordinator:  Zac Girvan
 Choir Marshall:  Sue Dalton
 Webmaster:  Jeanette Oberg