• Welcome

    The Mackay Choral Society is about eighty men and women of diverse walks of life who share a passion for singing together as a choir. Our repertoire encompasses everything from Baroque to Jazz. We regularly perform to the community at venues as diverse as concert halls to open-air festivals.  
  • Calling All Singers

    Whether you sang in your High School choir, and gave up when you left, or are a closet shower and radio singer, we welcome you to our next project. No audition; we just ask for a love of singing and a willingness to practise, practise, PRACTISE!!!
  • Legends through time

    The Mackay Choral Society is performing a musical tribute to our modern legends including Michael Jackson, Queen, George Michael, David Bowie to name just a few Read More
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We need your support!

Mackay Choral Society frequently needs friends to help at our performances for roles such as:

  • ticket sellers
  • ushers
  • programme sellers
  • raffle sellers
  • catering

If you are interested in helping us please let us know by calling Gwyneth on 0409 720 180 or emailing us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.